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    Why should I choose Coolworks® work pants over my regular work pants?

    Coolworks® outperform regular work pants in all conditions. In cooler weather, or when extra protection on the job is required, the additional layer of mesh underneath the detachable covers provides extra insulation and protection from workplace hazards. In hot, humid conditions, simply remove the leg shells and our work pants are much cooler and more comfortable than anything else on the market.

    Why should I choose Coolworks® work pants over my regular work shorts?

    Simply put, Coolworks® work pants combine the protection of pants with the comfort of shorts. It doesn’t make sense to expose your legs to the unnecessary risks associated with wearing shorts.

    As for the contractors out there, you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your crew will always be working in compliance with jobsite rules and regulations. And Coolworks® will give your company a much more professional appearance on any job.

    My workplace is air conditioned/climate controlled. Why do I need your Coolworks® in my facility?

    Many employers go to great lengths and considerable expense to air condition their workplaces solely for their employees comfort because they know that a happy, comfortable workforce is a much more productive workforce.

    Some larger production facilities can easily surpass 1 million square feet in floor space. With an average ceiling height of 30 feet, one can begin to imagine the costs associated with climate controlling a plant containing 30,000,000 (That’s 30 Million!) cubic feet of air.

    Outfitting your workforce in Coolworks® work pants quickly pays for itself as it provides considerable annual cost savings to companies by simply allowing them the flexibility to TURN THE THERMOSTAT UP A FEW DEGREES in warmer weather without decreasing employee comfort levels.

    How can a 'ventilated' work pant have 'all-season' applications?

    Every pair of our standard all-season Coolworks® work pants comes with detachable leg covers to be used over top of the mesh legs. This allows them to be used as either conventional solid fabric pants or optionally, with the covers removed, as ventilated work pants.

    Where can I purchase Coolworks® Workwear? Is there a retailer or distributor in my local area?

    We are continuously setting up new retailers and distributors for our complete line of hi-vis ventilated workwear,  Click here for the retail location or dealer nearest you.


    Are Coolworks® CSA approved?

    There are currently no CSA guidelines pertaining to standard, non-reflective equipped work pants. There are however some specific rules and regulations regarding pants designed for specific end users e.g. firefighters, nighttime workers and chainsaw operators. Such regulations usually pertain to the construction methods and materials used in the making of these garments and they generally fall more into the category of personal protective equipment. (PPE) Any current or future Coolworks® work pants that fall into these categories will be made to the CSA or to the other applicable governing body’s specifications.

    Do your work pants with reflective leg bands meet CSA specifications?

    Yes - Our work pants are equipped with the required 2-inch wide retro-reflective 3M™ Reflective Material™ leg bands (NAVY), and 4-inch wide retro-reflective leg bands (BLACK AND ORANGE). The 3M™ Reflective Material™ retro-reflective bands are positioned to be located well above the required minimum of 2 inches from the bottom of the garment. This allows them to be worn in combination with CSA-Z96 2015 approved safety vests (or t-shirts) and armbands, or in combination with approved jackets, thereby fulfilling Class 3 garment guidelines pertaining to night time roadside workers in traffic conditions where speeds exceed 80Km/H.

    Do your high-visibility work pants meet current and future chromaticity (brightness) standards?

    Yes - Our exclusive fabrics retain their brightness much longer than the standard cotton/polyester blends that are predominantly in use today.

    Will my employer allow me to wear Coolworks® on the job?

    Most employers will generally allow you to wear your Coolworks® (without leg covers) under normal working conditions. Our amazingly durable meshes have been tested and approved in a variety of demanding industrial environments.

    However, because the mesh is a substantially open textured and porous material, caution should of course be taken in certain situations where this could pose a problem e.g. welding, caustics, acids, etc. We recommend that you keep your leg covers handy at all times so that they are always available for re-installation when conditions merit extra protection. When the leg covers are on, your Coolworks® will outperform all other standard work pants.

    How strong is the mesh material compared to the regular woven fabric? Are they as safe as my regular workpants?

    The polyester athletic mesh is extremely durable and in most cases will outlast the rest of the garment which is a poly/cotton ripstop woven fabric. We like to answer this question with a question of our own. Have you ever seen a torn hockey jersey?

    Are Coolworks® suitable on the job when welding or grinding?

    The answer is Always, Never and Sometimes. Always, because you can always re-attach the leg covers. Never, because when the covers are off, there is always the possibility a spark may penetrate the mesh. Sometimes, because many of our customers do weld in them as is (without leg covers) using nothing but a shop coat without any problems. The bottom line is, you know your job and your working conditions better than we, and ultimately the decision is yours. Use your head and be safe…..please “air" on the side of caution.